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The goal of the ikebana artist is to communicate an idea, thought, or feeling through creative form.  This requires a complete understanding of the various characteristics of nature, a sense of imagination, and the technical knowledge to transform these features into artistic form with rhythm, balance and harmony.  The higher the level of artistic expression, the greater the encounter between nature, the flower arranger, and those who view the arrangement.  Thus, ikebana is an art of personal enrichment and an art to be shared and interpreted by others according to their own individual imagination and experience.  (Elaine Jo)


.Arrangements by Elaine Jo



Elaine studied ikebana first with Keiko Shimojima, Vice-Headmaster, and then with Meikof Kasuya, Co-founder and former Headmaster of the Ichiyo School, and with Akihiro Kasuya, present Headmaster.  She has travelled extensively in the United States giving workshops and demonstrations.  She holds an Executive Master Degree.  Currently she holds regular classes at Hall's Atlanta Floral Design School.  Her teaching schedule also includes an annual three day retreat for her students.


Elaine lived in Japan from 1959-63, 1968-89.  From 1994 until 2006 she was Director of the Ichiyo Art Center, Atlanta.  Her work has been published both in Japan and the U.S.  She was guest demonstrator on the Lynette Jennings television show and she displayed at Coca Cola Headquarters in Atlanta.  


Ongoing Ichiyo Ikebana Classes:


Teacher: Elaine Jo, Executive Master

Monday mornings  from  9:30 - 12 Noon    Cost: $220 - 10 lessons .

   Place: Hall's Atlanta Floral Design School, 630 Angier Blvd., Atlanta 30308

Wednesday mornings from 9:45-10:00  - 12 Noon     Cost: $220 - 10 lessons .

   Place: Loudermilk Center, Rock Spring Presbyterian Church, 1824 Piedmont Ave.,  Atlanta 30324


      For registration/information please call Elaine Jo, 404-233-1846 or e-mail ichiyoart@aol.com.


Teacher: Donna Scott,  Master

Monday afternoons from 12:30    Cost: $220 - 10 lessons .


       For registration/information please call Donna Scott, 404-841-0582 or e-mail donnascott2@bellsouth.net.


Teacher: Neda Tasson

Thursday afternoons from 2:00   

   Place: Roswell

       For registration/information please contact at  e-mail nedast@hotmail.com.


Teacher: Yuko Hancock, Master 

Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays   

   Place: Macon and Warner Robins, GA

     For registration/information please call Yuko Hancock, 478-923-7312.


Teacher: Demetrice ("Dee") Boren, Master 

    For detailed information and registration, please call Dee at 478-987-0493


Dee began ikebana lessons with Yuko Hancock in September 2005 and received a Master Certificate from the Ichiyo School of Ikebana in 2013.  She joined the Ikebana International Middle Georgia Chapter #112 in 2005 and served as 2nd VP/Programs & Exhibits Chairman for two terms (2007-2009 & 2009-2011).   Dee is a charter member of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana Atlanta Chapter and is its Historian.  She is also a charter associate member of the I I Atlanta Chapter #265.  Dee teaches ikebana at the Warner Robins Senior Activity Center.





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